Status: Completed

The project reimagines the square as an open space allowing for multiple types of activities.  The wedge shape and gradual slope of the site is taken advantaged of by introducing a stepped surface that may function as platforms for viewing during theater-like events and a stage for others. The space would also allow for mobile stages to be set up anywhere within the square allowing the square to be used for different purposes such as theatrical performances, concerts, fairs, sunday markets and art exhibitions.  The main square is distinctively defined by a randomly striped dark grey and white monolithic tiles, striped grass and pavers, new timber clad benches and a pedestrian street at one of the edges. This street on the south side would accommodate the heavy pedestrian traffic from Session road effectively extending it. The rehabilitation will reintroduce the square, once underutilized and neglected public space located at the most pedestrian part of the city, to the people reinvigorating Baguio’s public life, simultaneously highlighting the historic buildings that surround it possibly establishing it as an historic district.