Contemporary Bahay Kubo

Location: Labrador Pangasinan

Status: Unbuilt

Project year : 2019 

Located between rice paddies and a hillside, the house revisits the quintessential bahay kubo and redesigns it for a starting family keen on creating a sustainable and comfortable home. 

The proposed dwelling was designed to maximize living comfort for the whole household. The sleeping quarters were oriented towards the north-east direction to avoid direct sunlight, hence, large fenestrations were used to maximize natural light. Considering the tropical climate of the Philippines, operable windows were utilized on the south-east side of the house to receive optimal ventilation based on the direction of the prevailing winds. The west side of the structure, likewise the location of the public street and the designated main entry to the house, is constructed with timber louvers to counter the hot western sun. These louvers will not only dissipate the interior thermal mass inside the house but also give the occupants a certain privacy from the public spine. 

The open timber frames supporting the pyramidal roof creates the feeling of vertical openness, making the loft becomes an extension of the open living space below. Large openings at the northern side of the house are also provided to allow the rich environment of the surrounding landscapes to be incorporated into the living spaces.